Sunday, January 15, 2012

Erie Photography Seminars: 2012 Winter Series

I am offering three photography seminars in February:

Feb 11: Basics of Photography - 1PM-5PM - $59
This course is oriented to those just getting started into digital photography. The only requirements are a digital SLR camera, and the desire to learn!

Feb 18: Image Workflow and Editing - 10AM-5PM - $79
his course is for anyone who struggles with image management and editing. Using two very powerful and inexpensive software tools from Corel, we'll explore the world of image and file management as well as many editing techniques guaranteed to make your images pop! Trial versions of both programs will be available to install. Bring your laptop and a full camera chip!

Feb 25: Advanced Photography Techniques - 10AM-5PM - $79
If you have some camera experience, and want to improve your image quality, composition and “keeper yield”, this is the session for you. Lots of hands-on activities designed to make you very comfortable with your camera and lenses and available light.

Bonus: Register for all three by February 4th and pay only $199!

All of the sessions are held at my studio, 2615 Peach Street, in the Raven building.

For more information, click here.

Saturday, January 7, 2012

New Website - Toby Norman Photography!

Today, we completed the creation of Toby's website. I have worked with Toby over the last year as he has begun his journey into professional photography. We have worked a number of weddings together, as well as some other events.

Toby used an excellent web template from AllWebCo. We customized it tonight, and made the first transfer to get it running.

We're excited to see his website show up in the Google searches soon. There's a bit of work to be done, but it's coming along nicely.

Click here to see Toby's new website,!

Thursday, January 5, 2012

Camera Simulator

I came upon this camera simulation program today. It's a very accurate simulator, providing you with a moving subject and the ability to zoom and move, and change all camera settings.

If you are interested in really learning how to manage your camera settings, this program is a great practice tool. I'll be using it in my upcoming camera classes, that's for sure!

Camera Simulator