Monday, April 20, 2009

Education: PPA Super Monday

Today I took a day to attend one of Professional Photographers of America (PPA)'s Super Monday seminars. These sessions, produced yearly by studio owners, are a great way to learn new techniques and approaches.

I attended the course entitled "Where Is the Light?", taught by Dana Nordlund, CPP. Dana, a Certified Professional Photographer with over 20 years under his belt, put on a great session oriented around understanding and using light. Using a light meter and custom white balance, we had many hands-on sessions in both natural and studio lighting. Dana's excellent work can be found on his website:

Bruce Hahn from Hahn Photographic in Rochester was on hand as well to offer technical information on the various equipment that is used in photography. His input to me on soft boxes and light meters was much appreciated.

I urge all new photographers to become active in local and national photography associations. PPA in particular offers an aspiring photographer rate for two years, which will put you in contact with many great photographers and other industry sources of products, services and information. Many areas of the country also offer PPA-affiliated local chapters, which give you opportunities to network with local area photographers.

Thanks Dana for a great, inspiring day. I'm off to make up a practice plan!

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  1. I think that my husband's cousin and you may have been at the same place today. My husband's cousin (Bruce Landis) is a professional photographer in the Rochester area. His Facebook status read today that he was "working for the Professional Photographers of America, teaching a class to other professional photographers". Bruce's course may have been called "The Main Event". He wrote that he would "teach others about event photography from class reunions, dance photos, pre school and daycare, to school and summer sports etc."