Sunday, July 3, 2011

Are you a bad poet?

Seth Godin is one of my idols. He is one of the most relevant observers of marketing, selling and online communities. I encourage you to join his blog.

Here's a recent post by Seth Godin which I think is relevant to this industry and us:

Quotes Seth:

Bad poetry

There's a lot of it.
One reason: it's easy to become a poet. Easy to announce you're a poet, easy to get a pencil and a paper, easy to publish your work online.
There's a lot of bad tweeting, bad marketing, bad facebooking, bad emailing and bad music now as well.
No barrier certainly leads to a lack of selectivity.
Surprisingly, though, amid the bad art, we actually find more good art.
A barrier to entry isn't the only thing that improves quality. Sometimes it's sufficient to let artists do their work without a gatekeeper.

As photographers, our barrier to entry is very low. Anyone with a camera can call themselves a photographer. 

Are you making good art or bad art?

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