Saturday, February 4, 2012

New Web Design

I have finally completed my conversion of websites and domains. I purchased a web service from Creative Motion Design which includes these features that I was seeking:
- Support for iPad, iPhone
- Mobile phone support built in
- Single content manager that deploys to all platforms
- Integrated shopping cart
- Native HTML support - no flash
- Very flexible web design capabilities

I am very happy with this. I moved my old blog into the structure and am busy putting lots of good content inside the website to drive high SEO results.

I'm near the top of page one on most of my key search words regarding Seniors and Weddings, so I'm quite happy with the outcome. I have even integrated my classes, books and other education related products and services into the new design.

I have used and recommended several web hosting methods over the years, and this is the right balance for me - easy to manage, all in one spot and mobile friendly. They also host the platform. All I have to do is keep the domain current, which I am doing very inexpensively on GoDaddy.

Thanks to the great folks at CMD for putting up with my endless questions during the transition.

Check out the new website here, and give me your feedback please!

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