Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Background: My Photography Business

Here's a quick background of me and my business:

Age: 46
Location: Erie, PA, USA
Education: BS 1984 Edinboro University of PA. Major: Computer Science. Minors: Math, Physics, Astronomy. High geek rating.
Occupation: I work full time at a Fortune 100 company. I run my photography business outside of my normal working hours.
Years in the Business: Entering my 5th year as a professional.
Business format: Sole proprietorship, part-time, run out of my house.
Web presence: Home Page, Business Blog, Reviews Page, Article Database.
Camera Platform: Canon, currently 30D, adding 40D next year.
Lens Preference: Tamron - good value and great warranty. I go for the f/2.8 lenses.
Lighting: Alien Bees all the way. Several lights, stands, modifiers, wireless triggers and portable power.
Computing: Dell laptop and desktop. Home wireless network. Windows Vista.
Editing: Paint Shop Pro...yes, I'm NOT a Photoshop user. Been with PSP since version 5. More on this later!
Office Software: Open Office! I abandoned Microsoft Office 2 years ago.
Web: Paid site from Network Solutions. Template by winklet web design.
Proofing/Sales: Jalbum platform, using FotoPlayer templates.
Specialties: Dance Studio Phography, High School Senior Photography, Family Portraits, Weddings, Corporate and Nonprofit Events.
Memberships: Professional Photographers of America (PPA), Society of Sports and Event Photographers (SEP), American Child Photographers Charity Guild (ACPCG), Operation: Love Reunited (Military Photos)
What Makes Me Qualified to Blog: I have grown my business from nothing to debt-free and nicely profitable in 5 years. I have a strong customer base and am very active in my community and online. Though I am not the most successful photographer in my community, my business is exceeding my goals and serving the purpose for which I started it.

Let's hear about you! What are your interests and gear? What's your business model or plan?


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  1. Blogging is new to me. I am using my blog to communicate with family and friends (old, as well as new friends that I may make through blogging), as well as to showcase my photographs.

    Photography is a hobby for me, although I have to admit that I do think from time to time about making it more than a hobby. I enjoy taking photographs of anything and everything.

    My camera of choice is an Olympus E-500; my lens preference is Zuiko. I stopped using the kit lenses a while ago. I own two professional lenses, 14-54mm (f2.8-3.5) and 50-200mm (f2.8-3.5), as well as an Olympus 1.4x Tele Converter.