Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Format: The New Professional Photographer

I have been collecting my thoughts on how I want to roll out this blog. My goal is to cover a lot of bases on how to start and grow a photography business, and I want to stimulate discussion and feedback as we go along.

I'm going to post in the following categories:

Tools. This will cover camera gear, lighting, computers, software and online resources. I'll describe my journey and thoughts on the things we use to create great images and run a business. I'll also try to review new items to stay current, and describe my wishlists.

Techniques. Here we will discuss camera technique, lighting, editing and workflow. I'll include specific examples to illustrate specific points, and before/after editing cases.

Business. This is the biggest opportunity for photograpers. The vast majority of time spent in a small photography business involves the planning, marketing, advertising and operations aspects of the business. From website development to insurance and taxes, we'll discuss the dirty details of developing business plans and keeping your business healthy.

Learning. There are many opportunities to learn about the art, science and business of photography. We'll discuss ways I have found to learn, and encourage dialog on other ways to learn. If I run this blog properly, perhaps it will become a great learning source for others!

I'll try to post 3-4 times per week, and cycle through these subject topics to keep it interesting.

Early adopters: Here is your opportunity to steer the ship! Let me know your thoughts on what you are most curious about, would like to learn more about, or would really like to discuss. I'll take these topics and work them into early posts.


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  1. Hi John,
    I was following you under my name, but changed it to follow anonymously. I'm new to this Blogging thing. I have questions that I would like to ask you, but don't necessarily want my clients to see. If I have it set so you can't see my profile on my Blog, then people shouldn't be able to see who I am following, right? But now I see that I have to choose who I "comment as" below. I have to select my name which has (Google) behind it. So does that mean people on Google will be able to see my questions?

    I have a couple questions about insurance and Adsense and would love to have another photographer to bounce ideas and questions off of. Thanks!