Sunday, February 21, 2010

Radio Poppers - First Tests

I had an opportunity to try my new Radio Poppers and my Canon 430EX and 580EXII flashes.

In the first shot, I had both flashes on. The 430/slave was behind my model, acting as a back/rim light. The 580 was on camera.

In the second shot, I had the camera-mounted 580EXII turned off, and just the 430/slave firing off to camera left. Nice wash of light and shadow on the wall!

In the third shot, I had the 430 on the ground in front of the model, who is on a shelf about 20" off the ground.

In all three cases, I got what I was looking for. Most of these were bare bulb shots with hard shadows cast, but I also did some images with an umbrella on the slave.

The real trick will be firing that slave from 200 feet away. I can't wait to try!

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