Monday, January 10, 2011

Great Tutorials on Photography

I have been collecting great web sites for basic photography skills for my students, especially sites that deal well with the exposure triangle, depth of field, white balance and other basic concepts.

Here's a list of some sites I think you should visit and subscribe to, in the order of my value estimate (though they are all good or they would not be on my list):

Cambridge in Colour - wonderful - clearly described and illustrated tutorials.  You can sign up for this one and get nice notifications.

Photo Tuts+ - Great tutorials.  Including this one on the Exposure Triangle!
   and this one on 100 tutorials

Digital Photography School - Great tutorials, nice design, and good forums as well.  Especially this article!

Canon Digital Photography Forums - oriented to the Canon user, but also has great forums on portable and studio lighting.

Stephen Eastwood Photography - A guy with great images who teaches and will show you how they are made.

ShutterMom - Interesting high-energy, lots of links and tools.

There.  You have a lot of exploring, bookmarking, reading and signing-up to do!  Get to it!

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