Sunday, January 23, 2011

Winter Photography Adventures

With a very cold winter and a studio that is not insulated, it was a real challenge to warm it up enough for comfortable studies for our Saturday morning classes.  But with all of the heaters blasting, we did manage a comfortable 70 degrees.

We concluded our Winter Adventures in Photography series yesterday.  Our three students were very focused (pun intended) on learning about the art and science of photographing with a digital camera.  

One of our activities was a still life image, to practice using a tripod or monopod, and to exercise the skills in white balance and depth of field.

Here's a shot from our still life activities.  This stuff looks good enough to eat!

We also had a young lady contact us to express an interest in modeling.  Her desire for a starter portfolio and our students' need for a willing subject worked out just fine for everyone!

Here's a sample image of Kristina against a high-key white background.

Thanks again to my students, and best of luck!  I hope to see you in other Adventures classes soon!

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